Backup windows mail messages and contacts in Vista

As Microsoft launches new versions of Windows after some years and most of the people choose to take the latest version of widow. As they are using the default browser so there is a need of making a backup for the contacts and email messages.

Method to Backup the Messages

Click on Windows mail open the drop down menu of File then select the option of Export and then Messages.
Click the option “Microsoft Windows Mail” to proceed.
Then browse to a destination to save the messages.
Then you can choose to back up all the folders by selecting them all at one time.
That’s all there is to it, click finish to close out of Windows Mail Export.

Backup Contacts

As you have done before the process is same for importing and making a back up of contacts. Click on File>Export>Windows Contacts.
Choose the format for your file to save. Also select the destination from where you have to get the contacts.
Copying this back up to any other destination is described as follows

If you have a need to take your back up to any other machine then you can do this easily. An application also exists to solve this and a default function is also present. If you are using the function of Windows then it is same as the import function as previous one.

There is a problem that there is no client in the Windows 7 so you will have to download a utility that will help you. Install the utility and just run the wizard it will proceed to next steps directing you. This way you can take back up to any other system
To be safe you might want to backup your contacts and messages in Windows Mail before you change your Winows

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