Bit defender total security 2010(review)

Bit Defender is a complete suite of software that provides you with almost every thing and has a solution for every problem. Especially it malware finding is awesome along with blocking spam helps you in setting privacy policies and others features like parental locks and site blocking. It is all in one kind of suite. It also affects performance of the system but not that much. The benefits that it gives to the user are far more than the draw backs.

Salient Features:

•    Very powerful malware detection. Most accurate spam filter available now days.
•    Multiple interfaces for different type of users. Excellent features for parental controls.
•    Wide ranging privacy security. 
•    Local and online backup along with isolated monitoring and management of resources.
•    For sure you can perform downloading, sharing and opening of files from friends, family and even total strangers to whom you are talking for the first time. There is no problem. It will handle everything.
•    It Blocks all types of spyware programs that follow your online actions
•    It also removes needless files and registry entries, for optimum performance it self.
•    Also delete the unwanted emails.
•    The two-way firewall automatically secures your Internet connection wherever you are
•    The special feature for monitoring Wi-Fi helps stop illegal way in to your Wi-Fi system
•    It give a prolong time to the batteries of laptops and other small portable computers.


It is difficult to install on malware infected system. Malware cleanup is not so efficient. It also has some impact on performance as it slows down the system because it is also using system resources to perform its functions. This is the one big problem with this software suite. If you have a slow system then it is not recommended to use its.

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