Block or allow programs your child uses with parental control in window vista

It’s a known fact that a computer that is connected to a domain server then parental control are not available.

A user can use Parental Controls application to help managing the system that how your children use the computer. The mean of managing your system is that set the limits on your children's access to the web, the time period in which they can log on to the computer, and which games they can play and applications they can run.

The benefit of Parental Control is that, when the blocks of Parental Control access to a webpage or game, a notification is displayed that the webpage or program has been blocked. To access that Web page or game your child can click a link in the notification that is the request to give permission them for access to that webpage or program. And he can access by entering his account information.

The important thing in Parental Control is that, the child you want to set up the Parental Control must have the Standard account. The reason of this is that Parental Controls can only be applied to standard user accounts. It is important to note that the Parental Controls cannot be applied to an Administrator user account. So, to set Parental Controls for your child, you must have an Administrator user account.

To turn on Parental Controls for a standard user account

Here is the method to turn on Parental Control for a Standard user account.

1)    Click Start button to open Parental Control, open “Control Panel”, and then open “User Accounts”, then open “Set up Parental Controls”. If you want for an administrator password or confirmation, then type the password or give confirmation.
2)    To whom you want to set Parental Control, then click that standard user account.
3)    Click on option “ON” in Under “Parental Controls”.
4)    You can adjust the setting individually when you have turned on Parental Controls for your child's standard user account. By doing above procedure you can

control the following areas:

•    Web restrictions
You can set the limits to access the age-appropriate websites.

•    Time limits
Administrator can set the time period in which children can log on to the computer.

•    Games
Administrator can set limits to access specific games only.

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