Bring Misplaced Off-Screen Windows back to your Desktop (keyboard trick)

Majority of the users are in search of the method that can bring back their missing and lost windows to their desktop again. Although application keeps on running in the taskbar but the user cannot see it on the screen of his system. User keeps on rebooting and restarting the system but all in vain. So there is a dire and extreme need to have a solution of this problem.

In order to solve this issue, there exists an easy trick that can accomplish this task efficiently and effectively. One thing should be kept in mind that the windows should have alt-tabbed in the window. Before starting the process, alt-tabbed should be at the focal point. Now user has to right click on the taskbar and pick out the option Move. User will notice and observe that the cursor will be modified into moving cursor. Finally, users just have to press any one of the arrow keys and windows will automatically pop-up on the screen. Change will be immediate and instant.

For the keyboard users, they have to press Alt + space. After this, pressing M and then the moving the arrow key either upward, downward, backward or forward. It is totally up to the user. Right after this step, misplaced off-screen windows will come up on the desktop. This scheme works on all the version of the windows. It is an incredible trick and users should fully utilize this trick.

Hence, the above mentioned criterion is quite and rather easy. It is highly recommended and suggested. It does not mess up or crash the system. It does not take a lot of time and helps the user to get out from this nuisance and trouble. By simply using a keyboard trick, lost and missing screen of the windows gets showed up without putting any effort.

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