Built-in Quick Launch Hotkeys in Windows Vista

Windows vista provides the facility and service to its users to make use of the hotkeys for the very first 10 items that are located and present in the quick launch menu. It is highly recommended and suggested. It does not harm the system or messed up the programmes or other applications. It is completely secure and safe to use. The hotkeys are allocated and assigned on their own to these particular ten items. Users should know how to operate these hotkeys.

In order to built-in quick launch hotkeys in windows vista, following is the detail related to the hotkeys. Suppose in case to show the desktop, Win + 1 hotkey has been assigned. In order to flip 3D, Win + 2 hotkey automatically runs on the system. If the user wants to open up the windows media player then Win + 3 hotkey is used. To make use of the internet explorer, Win + 4 hotkey is being utilized. These hotkeys works quite and rather perfectly.

User will notice and observe that the ten items in the quick launch bar is being attached with the Win + number from left to right. These hotkeys works mechanically on their own. User does not have to put a lot of effort. It is not at all tiring and bothersome. No need of installation or downloading is required. Simply users have to use the amalgamation of two keys and function gets performed on its own smoothly and slickly.

Hence keeping in mind the above criteria hotkeys built the quick launch bar efficiently and effectively. It is amazing and incredible to use. It is one of the exciting features introduced by windows vista. Users will surely be taking pleasure from these hotkeys as they run and operate automatically in the system of the user.

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