Change the Windows 7 Power Buttons to Shut Down / Sleep / Hibernate

It has been notices and observed by the users that the power buttons in windows 7 are of no use. It is absolutely pointless and needless. They need to be shut down, sleep or hibernated. Users are in dire and extreme need to change and have some modification in this feature. Below is the method for the users that can be followed to change these power buttons.

In order to change windows 7 power buttons to shut down / sleep / hibernate, there is a simple process. Firstly, user has to go into the Start menu or Taskbar preferences by right clicking the mouse. He then has to select the option named by Properties. User just has to alter and modify the Power Button Action according to his own requirements. Finally, all these power buttons are going to get disabled immediately and instantly.

There is also another process to disable it as it is completely useless. User has to follow the command line to complete this process. Firstly, user has to type cmd in the start menu and then enter the following command: powercfg.cpl, 1. if the user does not want to follow the command line, he can adopt the other way. For this, he has to go to the control panel, select the power options, picking out the Change Plan Settings and finally clicking on Change Advanced Power Settings. By selecting one of the above ways, user has to browse to the “Power buttons and lid”.

Then the dialog box will appear on the screen display the two choices: Power button action – it adjust the hardware power button action or Start menu power button – it transform the power button on the Start Menu. User can select one of the two choices and can finally get free from the power buttons in windows 7.

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