Change your Computer Name in Windows 7 or Vista

It has now become highly annoying and irritating for the users that whenever they use to buy a new computer, the name of the computer already gets present in the system. Users want to name their PCs in their own way. Like some computers are named by HP6243XRT etc which are quite and rather boring.

In order to change your computer in windows 7 or vista, there exist a simple way which does not take much time of the user. Firstly, user has to open up the system properties. There are three different ways to open up the system properties. User can Type sysdm.cpl into the start menu search box, this is the fastest way. Or can right click on the computer option by going to the start menu. Lastly, by opening up the control panel and picking out the option System and Maintenance and then selecting System.

User will notice that if he is going to select and pick out the very last two ways to open up the system properties, then on the left menu, he should be picking out the option named by Advanced System Settings. Now to end with, the user wills see a screen appearing with the message saying System Properties. User just has to choose the button “Change” so that they can rename their computer according to their own requirement.

Hence, from the above users can easily change the name of their computer. This method is quite reliable and always gives positive result. It is strongly recommended. User should make sure that after completion of the process, he should restart the system so that the required change and modification can take place. There is also another facility for the users that they can also alter the name of their work group by going through the same process.

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