Classis Shell Adds Classic Start Menu and Explorer Features to Windows 7

One of the most exciting and interesting features in windows 7 is the classic start menu which has surely thrill the users. Through this feature, user arranges and organizes the applications running on the system. It also customizes the documents. This feature has been translated in 35 different languages which are quite appreciating and deserves applause. It is accessible and presented for 32 and 64 bit operating systems.

The classic start menu is far better and faster as compared to the previous start menu. There is another feature in it named by Quick Find that will help the user to locate the files and folders in a second. It saves a lot of time. Users should immediately and instantly swap and shift their windows 7 start menu to the classis start menu. This menu shows each single program as an individual icon so that the user can easily get access on it. You just have to install or download this feature and nothing else!

Classic explorer is also another tool that has over excited the users. It performs its functions efficiently and effectively. It is an amusing application. This tool informs the user about the free disk space in the system, total file sizes etc. It shows all the properties of the selected folder and also inserts a tool bar in the explorer for performing the operations of the system.

In other words, these features have truly brought joy for the users. Users should not waste a single minute and right away install these new exciting tools in their systems. These tools are faster, quicker and work much better. Users will surely give a positive response when they are going to activate these applications. They are fun to use and not at all boring. So immediately activate these features and enjoy working on your systems.

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