Clean up Past Notification Icons in Windows Vista

Users have been facing a problem and are in dire need to get a solution! It has been observed and noticed that all the history of the icons get stored in a memory and they are of no use. It is highly annoying. But now windows vista has derived a very reliable registry process that solves the problem efficiently and effectively.

To clean up the past notifications icons in windows vista, user has to follow a registry process to activate this feature. Firstly, user has to right click on the Taskbar and then select Properties. Afterwards, pick out the option Notification Area Tab and then selects the choice named by Customize Button. After this step, in the start menu, user has to open up the regedit.exe file and browse to this key:


On the screen, two options will come up named by icon streams and past icon streams. User has to remove and eradicate both the options to precede the process and to get the results immediately and instantly.

Now user has to recycle the explorer. For this he has to open up the task manager or can press the amalgamation of these keys Ctrl+Shift+Esc. User then chooses explorer.exe from the list and pick out the option End Process. Lastly, user then reaches to the file menu, open up the new task and press enter. After this step, explorer will automatically restart and all the previous notifications and updates get removed and eradicate from the windows vista.

Hence, users will surely see that this process works! It is strongly recommended. Majority of the users have adopted this technique and got succeeded form this annoyance. It does not create any haphazardness and completes the process smoothly and effortlessly. User easily washes out all the notifications and can enjoy working on their systems

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