Close all of your Open Apps in a Snap

It has been noticed that when the users are doing a lot of work and group of files, folders and documents are open on their windows. Then it becomes highly annoying and bothersome for the users to close each and every application. It takes a lot of time and also creates a mess on the windows. Below is the method which explains how a single click solves this problem.

In order to close and shut down all the applications that are running on the system of the user, there is a simple process which is quite and rather efficient and effective. It takes a second to completely get rid free from all the open browsers, files and folders. User need to have NTWind software to activate this feature. It is an excellent and remarkable tool that quickly completes the process without any trouble. User just has to install this software, open up the file and user will then see the entire list of the files, folders and documents that are operating on the system.

User has to place this particular folder into a usable directory like C:Users so that he can easily and conveniently handle this feature. This tool works in windows XP, vista as well as in 7. Suppose the user is working on a particular file and then closes it. Before closing, this tool will enquire from the user whether he / she want to save this document or not. In other words, this software enables the user to close all the application by a single click.

Hence, this single click will surely bring excitement in the working. It is strongly recommended and suggested. Results are immediate and instant and this method is adopted by maximum number of users. Users do not have to put a lot of effort. It is not at all tiring!

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