Convert a DVD Movie Directly to AVI with FairUse Wizard 2.9

In order to convert a DVD movie directly to AVI with FairUse Wizard, user first has to install this software. After this, user has to pick out the option create a New Project and then enters the required name of the project. User should be having a 6 GB disk space for the conversion process. Next, user has to select the preferred video codec and the output size of the file. One thing should be noticed that if the user checks the option Two Pass, it will convert the video with a high quality. And un-checking the box will increase the speed of the course of action.

Users can use Full Auto Mode or Manual Mode. If the file chain is of longer duration then the user can utilize this full auto mode. Suppose the user wants to enable it then after checking the box, he should choose the required drive. And after this the conversion process is going to get continued.

After selecting the mode, the method of conversion is going to start. Time to finish this process totally depend upon the hardware of the system. First stage will be video encoding and then the audio coding. User should remove and eradicate all the unimportant files and folders from the directory because this software takes large amount of space.

Hence, FairUse Wizard is a perfect way to back up the DVD movie. This tool shifts the movie to AVI with a very fine quality. User can save the movies in their drives, watch on their computers or can also burn them. This method is strongly recommended and suggested if the user really want to activate this tool on their systems. Having this software, users will surely enjoy the movie more and will be more excited and thrilled of having this tool in their systems.

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