Copy Windows Drivers from one Machine to another

Driver max is an excellent and exciting tool and feature that enables the user to copy drivers from one system to another. Users are in dire need to have this tool for the back up purpose. Below is the method which is quite reliable and works efficiently and effectively.

So after installing the launch driver max, user will observe a screen where a user has to choose the option named by export drivers. User has to go through the entire record of the drivers by clicking the next button. This action will help the user that how many drivers he want to install in his system. It is up to the user that whether he wants to pick out just one specific driver for his system or the whole list of drivers for installation. After wards, user has to click on the next button so that he may be able to know how to restore the drivers. One thing should be kept in mind that the option export to a folder has to be selected only when the user shifts the drivers from one machine to another machine.

Finally, the process gets complete. User can simply open the folder of the drivers by choosing the option Open Extraction Folder. In this folder, original files of the drivers will be there. And from here user will then copy the windows drivers. On the computer, where the driver is going to get copied, user has to select “Browse my computer for driver software” to precede the further process. After browsing, he / she have to pick the particular driver that wants to bet shifted.

The instructions are quite and rather simple. This process is strongly recommended and suggested. It is adopted by maximum number of users. Users will surely see that the results are immediate and instant.

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