Core Technologies and Enhancements in Microsoft Windows Vista

The base of Windows Vista made provides a plartform to other running advanced technoloegies being developed by Microsoft itself in which many of them are related to change in how the system functions and thus not readily visible to the user. For instance the architecture of the Audio, Media, print and networking subytems had been totally changed and improved a lot but the end-user can ony see visual.

Memroy Softwares:

Two new technologies called ReadyBoost and Ready Dirve had been introdued by Microsoft which are designed to improve the working of Flash memory like USB drives and IDE USB hard drives by caching commonly used programs and data. This also gives it improved battery timings on nte books ans the Hybrid devices can shut or spun down when they are not being used. Super Fecth is another very intresting technologies and improve the working speed and ability of the computer. It basically gives sense to the operating system that what content should be in the main memeory of the computer which is going to be accessed by the user  so it fetches the data in advance which improves its working ability a lot. All the free or extra RAM is being used as chache memory of the computer. A buitl-in Disk Defregmenter makes it sure that the program instructions are being stored at right place in the memory from where it is easily accessible when needed in main memory with least hardware movement in the hard disks which take much time.


In windows vista IPv6 had been full incoperated in redesigning the architecture of the of networking systems along with some other number of improvments, such as TCP window scaling. Erliaer versions of Windows needed a third party softwares to run Wi-Fi properly but vista got it all


In Windows Vista the Diplay Driver Model had totally been redesigned in aero style and mojor change has also been done in Direct3D. The Driver Model helps the Dbesktop Window Manager in providing a tearing free desktop to the user whichease multitasking a lot and special effects that are the cornerstones of Windows Aero. Direct3D 10 has been developed in collaboration with with major display driver manufacturers. It has been redesigned too and is based on totally new architecture with more and has many more qualities like advanced shader support. This allows the graphics card adapted with the computer to render more advanced graphics scene without needing any assictance from CPU. It features improved load balancing between CPU and GPU and also optimizes data transfer between them.

Operating System Improvments:

A lot of new and advanced techniques of improvements have been made to the memory manager, process scheduler and the Input/Output scheduler. The Heap Manager implements additional features such as integrity checking in order to improve robustness and defend against buffer overflow security exploits, although this comes at the price of breaking backward compatibility with some legacy applications. A new Kernel Transaction manager (file transaction manager) had been introduced that allows different type of applications to work with file systems and regestries with automatic transaction without any CPU assistance.

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