Create a context menu item to copy a list of files to the clipboard in windows 7/Vista/XP

Suppose you are a user and you want to develop a list of files in a directory form then you have to use a command that prompt the directory. Here arises a question that what will happen when you just right click on any of the folder and copy a list of files to the clipboard?

The solution of given problem is quite simple; it can be done just with some registry hacking and command line utilities. The items behind the Shift right click menu, it can also be hide, so doing this it does not waste the space.

Using the Menu Item

The process to open items you just have to place the mouse pointer on any folder and press Shift key and then right click a list will open then click on “Copy List to Clipboard” option.

Another method is you have to hold down the shift key and then right-click on a folder, there you can see the “Copy List to Clipboard” menu item:

When you utilize the menu item then you can see the list of files on the clipboard:

The list which will display it will a simple list there will no file size and no any other information will display. The rest of information cab be get by modifying the registry hack to eliminate the /b switch.

How it Works

Here the job we are doing is to create a menu item that opens by a command prompt. First you have to run the dir /b command and then you have to run the clip.exe utility that is built in to Windows 7 and Vista.

First step is browse the given registry key:


After type the key, you have the copy list key. Then you have to set the default value of copy list in “Copy List to Clipboard”, and then give the following command to command line:

Cmd /c dir “%1″ /b /a:-d /o: n | clip

It is important to note that if you are a user of Windows XP then you have to download the clip.exe from Microsoft. And then save the file in the Windows directory then the hack will work as you want.

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