Create a Context Menu Item to Copy a Text File to the Clipboard in Windows 7 / Vista / XP

Now-a-days, a large number of users use to store heavy amount of information in their text files. They can copy all this information on the clipboard by going through a simple registry hack process or by using clip.exe utility.

In order to create it, user will be using the Copy to Clipboard Hack. By right clicking on the particular text file and holding down the Shift key, a new item will appear on the screen named by “Copy to Clipboard”. User will notice that clipboard display the information related to that particular text file. Suppose the users are running windows XP on their systems, they just have to install clip.exe from the Microsoft and the installation will do rest of the work.

Through manual registry hack, this process can also be carried out. Firstly, user has to open up the regedit.exe in the start menu and then has to browse to this key:


User will then generate a new key known as copytoclip” and also another key lying under it named by “command”. User has to pick out the option for “copytoclip” as “Copy Contents to Clipboard”. On the other hand, the “command” should browse to this default value: cmd /c clip < “%1″. Finally, the feature is going to get activated and the context menu item will be created to copy a text file to the clipboard in windows 7 / vista or XP.

There is also another simplest method which is highly recommended and large number of users has adopted it and satisfied with its results. User just has to download or install CopyContentsToClipboardTXT.reg. By double clicking on it, the installation will carry out rest of the steps. User can also eradicate and eliminate all the hacks by installing RemoveCopyContentsToClipboard.reg file. Hence, all the methods are quite and rather reliable.

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