Create a shortcut icon or hotkey to turn Windows 7 and Vista firewall on or off Windows

As the internet is being used very much now days and the problems regarding the networks include the firewall options. If you have to turn off the firewall or to turn on the firewall you have to go through series of actions. So there should be some simpler way off doing this.

There is a built in function in the windows to turn of or turn on the firewall by using the windows command line. We can create the shortcut key by making a little change in that command.

Create Shortcut Icons for Enable/Disable

Right click on the desktop and open the option of new or shortcut from the menu.
Just you have to add one of the following commands in the command box that appears.

To disable the Firewall

netsh firewall set opmode disable

To enable the Firewall

netsh firewall set opmode enable

After you have added the command give a name to the icon.

Now you will have an icon that will not be working for this you will have to option of run as administrator.

Choose the properties of the icon and assign the shortcut key to implement. After the assignment, click “Advanced” button and choose the option of “Run as administrator”. After it is done you will see a green icon and a red icon of shield. Now our goal is achieved and we have to functional shortcut keys available.

If you have any confusion, than you can verify whether the keys are functional then turn on the firewall and then turn it off using the short cut key. Then from the start menu open the firewall settings and check that what the status of the firewall is.

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