Create a shortcut key or hotkey to run cleaner silently

Now day’s there is a big problem of space due to the availability of many applications. The user want to keep his computer clean and to save space for important applications, there are many free software applications that help you to clean your system. One of them is “C” Cleaner. If you want to make a silent key of it then you have to follow some instructions.

Many of us do not keep all the icons on the desktop, so to create the hotkey for silent cleaner you will have to open the start menu.

Setup Your Options

It is up to you that what kind of setting you want to do for the cleaner. If you want to clean each and every file and cookies than you can set to it otherwise you can choose different settings you want the Cleaner to-do.

Create the Shortcut to Automatically Run Cleaner

Select the option of shortcut new from the menu of the desktop

After doing that you will have to give the location of cleaner on your system.

C:Program FilesCleanerCleaner.exe

All you have to do is to put a command of “auto”.
“C:Program FilesCleanerCleaner.exe”/ AUTO

This single command has all the effect. It will tell the system to run the cleaner and delete the files that you have already selected in the settings. In this way the main window will give no icon of the process running or any warning.
An icon will be also created on the desktop that can also be moved to the start menu as “Run Cleaner”.
You can also assign a short key of your choice, but it will only work if the icon is present in the start menu or on the desktop. It will not work if the icon is in the quick start menu

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