Create a shortcut or hot key to eject the CD/DVD drive

It is very difficult to every time press the button of the CD/DVD rom to open it. What if there is a shortcut key assigned to it. This could be done by using the NirCmd application.

Create a Shortcut to Eject the CD/DVD Drive

Open the desktop menu and select the option of new/shortcut.
Open the location box and browse down to the location of nircmd that you have placed in your memory. Then replace the default command with command written below.
“C:pathtonircmd.exe” cdrom open D:
Be careful in writing the syntax of the command otherwise it would not work correctly.
Give this shortcut a logical name and that you can remember easily. Then the shortcut key icon will appear in front of you.
You can take the icon anywhere on the desktop and as well in the start menu. Where you wish to take it.

Create a Shortcut to Close the CD/DVD Drive

A shortcut key can be created to close the cd rom easily; all you have to do is to replace “cdrom open” with “cdrom close”.

Assign a Hotkey to the Shortcut

After the icon is present then open its properties and assign a shortcut key to it and save the settings, also remember the shortcut key.
It will only work if the icon is present in the start menu or at thee desktop, it will not work if it is present in the quick launch bar. So be careful in placing it in the right place.

Assign an Icon to the Shortcut

It is totally up to your choice that what kind of icon you want to assign to your shortcut key. Choose a suitable icon for it and place it in the start menu.

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