Create a Shortcut or Hotkey to Eject the CD / DVD Drive

One of the best way and scheme to create a shortcut or hotkey to eject the CD / DVD drive is through Nircmd application. It has excellent features. It is highly and strongly recommended. Below is the method which is quite convenient and strongly adopted by the users.

In order to create a shortcut to eject the CD / DVD drive, method has been introduced which should be followed by the users. Firstly, user has to right click on the desktop and then pick out the option New / Shortcut. In the text box of the shortcut that has been crated and generated, user has to enter this command line: “C:pathtonircmd.exe” cdrom open D. one thing should be kept in mind that user has to give a particular name to the shortcut and a new icon will get appeared on the screen. Finally, whenever the user double clicks on the icon then this step will automatically emit the drive.

In order to allocate and give hotkey to the shortcut, user has to right click on the icon and then chooses the option Properties. User will observe the option assign the shortcut key on the shortcut tab. lastly, user just has to add in the shortcut key and end this process by clicking on the Finish button.

Suppose the user wants to give an icon to the shortcut. For this, he should pick out the option Change Icon Button and can select any icon which is more appropriate as compared to the previous one. The choice is up to the user! Result will be immediate and instant. The method is relatively efficient and effective. Users are quite satisfied from it and now can easily eject their CD / DVD drives by utilizing the shortcut or hotkey that they have created on their systems.

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