Create a shortcut or hotkey to mute the system volume in the windows

Sometimes it is very awkward situation when you need to mute your system sound and you have to open the sound menu to do so. To avoid this you can also create a shortcut key.

It is not such a big achievement as there are many keyboards that are multimedia and got keys to mute the sound directly. Some computers still do not have such keyboards.

Create the Shortcut

Doing so we will use a small application called NirCmd. That is readily available on the internet and easy to use.

The steps are as follows:

Right click on the desktop and then select the option of new or shortcut from the menu.
All you have to do is that browse down to the location of NirCmd and then in the command box write “mutesysvolume” as an argument.

Here is the syntax to give the brief picture of the command:


Important point
The “2” is assigned to the mute command if you again press it then it will unmute. So it is preferred to assign “1” to unmute the volume that would make it easy and safe.

Assign some name to the shortcut key and then open its properties here you can assign it an icon or set another shortcut key. Also you can place it in your start menu
If you want to use the shortcut every time then always keep it in the start menu or on the desktop area. It will not perform any action until it is present in the quick launch area. Be careful while assigning the shortcut key to the mute function. As it may be the key combination for some other application than it would make problem for the windows to decide what to do

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