Create a shortcut or hotkey to open task managers ALL USERs view in windows 7 or Vista

As the new versions of windows arrive in the market they have different type of issues. These issues can be solved easily, by just following some simple steps. The users want to open the Task Manager to view there system activities along with the option of all users.
If you are not familiar with the task manager all users view. Then open the task manager and click the option of processes. There you can see the activities of all the users that are logged in to a system and which user is using how much system resources

How to Create the Task Manager Shortcut

Open the menu by using the right click on the desktop and choose the option of new or shortcut from that menu.
To add the shortcut key in the location box type the following key:

After you have added the command then click next to proceed. Then it asks from you to give it a useful name so assign a name that must be logical and should be easy to remember. Then open the properties and assign a shortcut key you would like to keep. After that the most critical and important step is that click advanced button and choose the option “Run as Administrator”. Save the settings and go back to the desktop to check that the settings that you have done work or not. If you have not done the administrator settings then you will not be able to use the shortcut key.
Place icon in the start menu or at the desktop because it only works if it is placed here. It will not work at all is the icon is placed in the quick launch or any other place.

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