Create a Shortcut or Hotkey to Turn the Desktop Icons On or Off

We can hide or show the desktop icons simply by a shortcut or a hotkey. This is a very useful idea and we can have this utility to work faster and easier way. So we try to create that shortcut or hotkey by the following method.

We can solve this problem by using a program created by the programmers of Desktop Sidebar, this program only hide and shows the desktop icons just like we can do by right-clicking on the desktop and toggling the “Show Desktop Icons”.

All we have to do is just download the Hide Desktop Icons application from the following link:

And the location other than desktop where it won’t be deleted, save it there.

First try this software that if it is working right or not. If it doesn’t then see that if you have Microsoft Visual C++, if not then install it from the following link.

After that we will create a shortcut to the .exe file and we have to save it at a location where it can be accessed quickly, so we will save its shortcut into Quick Launch bar. We can open Quick Launch bar by just right clicking it and open or just by typing shell:Quick Launch into the location bar.

So now we have a shortcut to toggle the desktop icons but if we want to add a hotkey to this shortcut, it can be difficult because hotkeys don’t work with the shortcuts in Quick Launch. So, we’ll have to save another shortcut of HideDesktopIcons in Start menu, which will require a reboot or just a logout and then log in.

When we have created the shortcut into start menu we’ll right click the shortcut and open its properties and assign it a Shortcut key which can be anything easy for you to remember like Ctrl+Alt+H.

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