Create a Shortcut to Search Your IE Favorites With Windows 7 or Vista Search

In windows 7 or Vista when we can save a search folder so if we want to search through our Internet Explorer Favorites, we can create a saved search folder for it can save its shortcut anywhere so that we can search through favorites easily.

All we have to do is just open the User folder where we can find Favorites folder. In the Favorites folder we want to search the bookmarks. So we will add a date which can be anything like 2000 so that we can find bookmarks of last ten years by adding this command date:>1/1/2000. By this command we can find bookmarks between 2000 till now.

So when we have search results. There’s third tab on the search toolbar which says Save Search, click that tab and save it with a name like Favorites Search or anything. And as we know that first all the searches go to Searches folder by default and we cannot alter this location.

We’ll have to open that Searches folder and locate our file which was Favorite Search. Now we can create its shortcut to anywhere we’d like. We can move it to Desktop, Quick Launch or the Start menu for our ease.

So if we need to search anything from our Favorites folder, all we have to do is just open that saved folder, wherever its shortcut is placed and just type our query into the search box so that we can find it easily. Now the problem to find our bookmarks in long lists is solved and we have made our lives a bit easier. 

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