Create A Windows Home Server Home Computer Restore Disc

We may have a problem in our one of the computers on home network, so we might use home server backup to restore our data of that computer by using Windows Home Server Computer Restore CD and now we are going to take a look at how to create one.
When we try to create Home Computer Restore CD first we have to download software in which we can find the ISO image for Restore CD. We can download restorecs.msi from the any site

By default the image of Restore CD is installed to My Documents in the Windows Home Server Home Computer Restore CD (Dual Boot) folder but can you point it to any directory on your computer you want to use. Actually you might want to send it to the Software share of Windows Home Server.

To burn the image to CD in Windows 7 we can use the built in Disc Image Burner utility but if we are using Vista or XP we can use any of the free utility like Power ISO or ISO Recorder to burn the CD. They offer both a 32 & 64 bit version of ISO Recorder.

When we have created the restore CD we have to keep it somewhere safe to use it when needed. It’s good to have this disc ready in case disaster strikes so we can restore a machine from Windows Home Server backups. So we’ll need to learn how to make a backup of whole computer so that when anything happens we can use the Windows Home Server Computer Restore Disc to restore our computers back. Backing up computers is very important and necessary and by the help of Windows Home Server we can keep our data safe and we can do it easily just set it and then forget it.

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