Create Icons to start the Screensaver on Windows 7 or Vista

It is a very common question and many people ask that how to create an icon to start up the screensaver in Windows Vista or Windows 7. We can create a set of shortcuts to all the default screensavers and this technique works for Windows 7, Vista, or even XP.

Now when we try to Create Screensaver Icon, first we have to Right-click on the desktop and choose New and then select Shortcut from the menu. It will ask the path or location of the screensaver. We’ll give the full path to the screensaver file followed by /s like this format %systemroot%system32Screensaver.scr /s.
In which Screensaver is the name of the screen we have selected like we can write %systemroot%system32Bubbles.scr /s for the screensaver of Bubbles.

In this format we can also use C:windows instead of %systemroot% but it is useful because not every install used the C: drive. Or we can browse other screensavers from any other location If we have downloaded them. If we don’t know the filename, we can browse down to our system32 folder and then search for “.scr” format files using the search box where we’ll see all of the names of all the screensavers installed on our system, all those names are screensavers we can review them in screensaver option by right-clicking the desktop and choosing properties and in Display window by selecting the Screensaver tab. Now we can add any screensaver installed in our computer to the icon by just copying its name in the above format and adding it to the location path of the shortcut.

To change any screen-savers state in a click, try “FlipSS”.

It is an utility which lets us, stop the screen saver, if its running when the program switches the state to 'off', and manually start the screen saver. It can prove to be useful if you are burning CDs and don't want the screen saver to start up suddenly. The Command line options are /on, /off, or /start.

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