Create shortcut or hotkey to immediately eject a specific USB drive

Windows default system for ejecting the USB drives is efficient enough. But if still some user want to have faster way then it can be done by using the utility called USB Disk Ejector.

Important information: this utility only works for the USB drives and will not work for other drives, to use the utility for other devices you will have to find different commands available at the internet.

Create a Shortcut to Eject a Specific USB Drive

On the desktop right click and open the drop down menu and select the option of new or the option of shortcut a location box will appear.
Here in the location box, now give the full address of the location where you have kept the utility and then type in the following command that gives the address of the USB device and /removeletter parameter to the end including the drive letter. That completes the command to create the shortcut key.


After that assign a name to it and then the icon will appear. As the icon will appear then the USB drive will immediately eject.
For your ease you can also use the word combination /removename parameter

Assign a Hotkey to the Shortcut

Than open the properties of the icon and assign it a logical key that will act as the shortcut key the shortcut key should be very easy and remember able so that there is no problem in using it.

Add the shortcut and save the settings and then close the dialogue box. Keep the icon in the start menu or at the desktop is you keep other icons on the desktop; otherwise it will not work if it is at any other location like the quick launch.

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