Customize the Manufacturer Support Info in Windows 7 or Vista

When we notice the manufacturer’s support information in the system properties window in Windows 7 or Vista, and we want to change or customize this information and use our own picture in this space it is quite possible.

So when we try to change this information, first we have to open the System properties screen by hotkey combination Win+Break key or  just by right-clicking the Computer and then select properties.

Now to change this information we have to open our registry editor and first locate the heading saying HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and then SOFTWARE and in that folder look for Microsoft and then Windows where we have to find CurrentVersion and on the right side we’ll find OEMInformation. Whole address is following


Now we can modify the fields there we want to and put any type of values we’d like in them. Only Logo key should not be changed. We can change the value of Manufacturer, SupportHours, SupportPhone, SupportURL and Logo. In logo field, we can change the logo and put up our own logo or image of preferably somewhere around 100x100 height/width. So that we can have best results. All we have to do is just save our logo into bitmap format which is .bmp. Then rename the file as oemlogo.bmp. Now cut this file and save it to the, location of your Windows, which is usually C:, open Windows Folder and then open System32 from there and save the our customized logo there. Which is C:WindowsSystem32oemlogo.bmp .

So now give it a reboot if you want and when we’ll open the system properties window, we’ll see the new and customized information there. This can be fun and useful for the people selling used computers and repairing them to use this as their publicity or advertisement.

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