Dealing With Windows Vista Explorer Screwing Up Auto-Detection of Folder Types

There are very few things which create problems for the users, about one of them, we are going to talk about now. This is the annoyance create with Windows Explorer. People sometimes prefer to use Details mode for certain folders, but the problem is that Vista constantly “decides” that the folder should show a different set of columns than what they had previously chosen. That means that if we chose a mode for the explorer in folder types, it is changed by the Windows and we’ll have to do it again and again. Vista “Auto-Detects” the folder type for us, but it seems to always detect it incorrectly, and then our folder just stops showing the right columns…

It happens because Vista detects the folder as the wrong type like if we had a single picture file in the folder so Vista thinks that it’s a picture folder and only displays the columns for music files instead or worse, stops displaying columns altogether. When we try to reset this setting manually, we right-click in the folder and choose “Customize This Folder” and then we change the folder type drop-down to All Items instead of whatever it was set to and we might have to reset the view to details mode or choose the columns we want after changing this setting, but it should hopefully stick.

Windows Vista saves all of the display settings for each folder in a special location in the registry and often this registry get corrupted which is the main reason everything goes blank. Now if we want to reset the folder views we can delete the keys that store the view information by opening regedit.exe through the start menu search box and then navigate down to the following key


There’ll be a bunch of keys with numeric names under the Bags key and we can attempt to find the one that matches the folder we are having problems with, and just right-click on the key and delete it. We can delete all of the settings, which will start us over with a blank slate.

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