Device Doctor is a completely free Driver Update Scanner

Once you have installed the Window there is always a need of installing new updates to your system. So that it can keep its performance to best. But the drivers that are available on the internet are not free all the time and you have to pay to use them. But Device Doctor is totally free of cost software.
There are two types of set up. One that you direct installs and starts using. Secondly you copy it to your system and can also carry it to anywhere.

Using Device Doctor

Very easy to use just install it and then open the window to use it. Click the scan button to scan your system for updates. As it finds the software to be updated then just click update to download the latest updates.

When you go to the download page of that software it requests you to download. Just click on the option and the process starts.
As our system consists of hundreds of devices and they all needed to be updated. So there is a chance that Device Doctor may download a wrong driver which may not suit your system. So after scanning your system for updates carefully check the updates

More about Device Doctor

It is absolutely free and its designers have assured that it will always remain free. As they have to pay for the expenses so they are trying to do something. Like pasting advertisements on the Web Pages. Or having some contract with some other companies. They also accept donations for the while.

According to me we all should give them a very positive feed back. As they have created such a marvelous software application. So that they get encouraged and try to make something better then this.

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