Disable Caps lock key in Windows Vista

As the computer programs have progressed and have become easier now. Many of the things are out dated now. People are now well aware of many phenomena’s. Previously people did not considered behavior on the computers. They used to write in capital letters but now it is not considered good behavior. So the CAPS lock is out dated now you can use alternate short cut key. Even the today world soft wares are well aware about where to write a capital letter. So you can disable the CAPS lock key for ever

The Windows do not have a specific plan to disable it. So we have to try a new trick. That is a powerful tool.
As you will write the following key in registry the key will not be functional anymore. The different colours show the importance of each number

00000000 00000000 02000000 00003A00 00000000

What is behind these number combinations?

The 16 zeros of the start are just to consume space.

The “02″ that is highlighted represents how many keys are going to be re-mapped plus 1.

The orange “0000″ is the key we want to keep in place of the assigned one, in this case it is nothing.

The blue “3A00″ is the key we want to replace, that is caps lock key.

The last 8 zeros are again to waste space

Following this you can disable many keys and also can assign new tasks to different keys. The “02″ and the other characters help you doing this of the colorful bold blocks in the center. The 3A00 in the mix is the scan code:

00000000 00000000 03000000 00003A00 3A004600 00000000

Download it from any website and unzip it and install it. Then follow the procedure as described

After doing this restart your system and then try the caps lock key. It will be disabled. This solution is compatible with almost every version of window.

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