Disable Deletion of the Recycle bin in Windows Vista

As many other good features of the Windows Vista.  One of the good features is that the Windows allows the user to even delete the recycle bin icon from the desktop for some circumstances. But this is not such a good thing to do this because after deleting it the user has no way to retrieve the deleted files or delete them entirely from the system. This causes many problems.

This is a big problem because the users try to make their desktop look better and delete the recycle bin icon and later face difficulties
It can be easily solved by using the method of registry hack. That is one of the easiest things now days and easily available.

After you have disabled the delete option from the drop down list, still you can delete it using delete key of the keyboard. There is no solution to that. Try not to do that intentionaly

Using registry hack:

Open the run or search box from the start menu and type in the following key same as written below HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTCLSID {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}

Firstly you have to make a new key with the name “shell”. On left side, you will see an option “Delete” under that, one more key named “command” is also present. Set the value of the Delete key to “Delete”, and then set the default value of command to “rundll32.exe”.

In real what we are doing is that making a new function called Delete that will replace the present control on the menu. By setting it to run rundll32.exe, we are eliminating any error message by running a valid process.

Then change that you will see is that the option of delete will move up from the option of empty recycle bin.

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