Disable Ease of Access Button on Vista Logon Screen

On your desktop screen you see the start button there is also available button of create. You can click the Create button and choose any icon you want. For instance, if you want to have the logon screen match your desktop wallpaper, just choose the wallpaper using the browse button. There is also nearby minute button in the lower left-hand place of the Windows Vista logon screen. You have click on it. You know that it is the effortlessness of Access button, useful for people with disabilities or if your keyboard breaks.

The problem is that anybody can access to your computer and change the options even though your computer is locked. So that is why we want to disable it. When you click the button, you will usually see this dialog window, which someone can use to irritate you if they felt like it by turning on some of the different options without you knowing.

Unsuddenlly, we can not remove the button, but we can make it disabled so nobody can essentially use it. Download and unzip the software and then right-click on the setup file and choose Run as administrator. Choosing to run it as administrator is such an important step that the software will remind you in spite of. You will finally get to the screen where you can click bring to a close button to make the button not work anymore. If you wanted to re-enable it, just run the setup again and click the Enable button. And now you will get this message anytime you click on the Ease of Access button. For those of us looking to modify the Windows Vista   understanding, there is nothing more irritating than seeing the default logon screen every time you start up your computer, or when you lock your workstation. Thankfully the nice folks at Star dock have created a free utility to replace the logon screen with any wallpaper you choose.

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