Disable Explorer Breadcrumbs in Windows Vista

Many of the people have described in and showed their unlikeness about the new feature of breadcrumb in the address bar of windows vista explorer and more specially you can not turn it off simply.

This problem that is probably more harmful for the Andreas Verhoeven because this can be dangerous for him. So, to avoid this problem he read this subject on the Mysticqeek’s rant and after some hours he introduced the first version of an application that had the ability to disable the breadcrumbs in explorer.
Thus, here is the default explorer breadcrumb:

Additionally, after running AveNoBreadcrumb application here is the address bar. This will disable the breadcrumbs completely.

Installing AveNoBreadcrumb

    Download and unzip the file
    Double-click on AveNoBreadCrumb.exe
    Close the current explorer window, and open a new one.

Adding to Startup

    To get to your startup folder, open an explorer window and type in shell:Startup into the address bar.
    Create a shortcut in this folder to AveNoBreadCrumb.exe


    If you have any startup shortcut then remove it.
    To disable the AveNoBreadCrumb.exe then double click on it.
    Turn of the current explorer window and then re-open it.

Moreover, the most prominent improvement in Windows Vista is the remove of "bread crumbs" in Windows Explorer. Instead of the old method <c:program filesmozillafirefox>addresses, Windows Vista provides you with a series of triangles. So, simply click on one to get a list of folders you can visit.

But until now, there's no way to return to the old address bar. It is sure that if you click on the address box, it shows up. But as soon as you click away, it's gone. So, If you can not stand bread crumbs, then you were out of luck

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