Disable Security Center Popup Notifications in Windows Vista

So, if you find the popup notification balloons in the Windows Vista system tray to be too bothersome, you may be interested to know that you can totally disable them. This would be an extreme option, of course… usually you can just turn them off in any aberrant applications, but if you want to disable them across the board, this is the solution.

Note that I am not of necessity recommending that everybody do this… you should only bother with it if you need to solve this particular problem.
Do you yet try disabling automatic updates, UAC in Vista? Of course many of us have done that and been irritated to death with the popup messages from the Security Center that tell you to “Check your computer security” or “Check your User Account Control settings”. But a small setting change will turn off those messages. It is a good thing you can turn those messages off.

Exhausted of the Security Center Popup Notification balloons all the time informing your personal security preferences may be a problem!!!
This Step-By-Step Guide will show how to disable them.

Before we begin I would positively suggest keeping the firewall enabled at all times.

For disable the popup messages shown, right-click on the little red shield icon and choose Open Security Center from the menu. You could also open Security Center from the start menu.

Click the link for “Change the way Security Center alerts me”.

After that you will see a dialog with three choices. Choose the foundation one if you do not want the notifications anymore. Now Vista won’t keep shooting those annoying popups.

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