Disable short cut icon overlay in window vista and windows 7

Short cuts feature is available in every window or the operating systems made for the home of small users. To make the difference between the original and short cut of the same file the creators add the big arrow which appears with the short cut folder. Basically short cut are made for the accessing the file in the less time and arrows with them show that the original file is placed on any other place.

The arrow which appears with the file and show that this is not the original file is making the trouble for some of the user. So the Microsoft company thinks on that problem of their valued customer and in their product named WINDOW Vista and newly launched Windows 7 (seven) they give the option to the user that they can omit the arrows or any other thing which shows that this is the short of the file.

For removing such types of thing the user have to download the software from the internet named Vista short cut overlay Remover. The file is easy available on the net. Then open the downloaded file and select no arrow options for the short cut files.

The other way for those who has registered version of the vista. Go to start menu then select the run and write the command (regedit) then from that window select the file HKEY Classes root file and then delete the shortcut registry values from all the files open in HKEY CLASSES ROOT file. All those things which appear with shortcut menu will automatically delete and your desktop looks smatter then before.
Deleting the shortcut arrow may create problem with 63 bit version.

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