Disable system Restore in windows Vista and Windows 7

The creators of the windows 7 and the window vista give the auto back up facility to theirs users. This facility can be terminated means this facility can be turned off like all other facilities. Disabling this feature of the window 7 and vista is really a bad idea because if data is lost and this feature of restoring is disabled then no data will be back or restore.
The steps of disabling the system restore feature or again enabling this feature is different in window 7 and window vista. The steps are depends on the operating system so they are different even the product is created by the same company.

STEP of disabling the system restore in VISTA:

The steps are as follow:

Go to the my computer then right click on it and select the properties from the list. Or go to the control panel and select the system protection option from the list.
In window vista the system protection works according to the drives. After selecting the system protection option through the control panel you will see the window on which the drive names are appeared and then un check those drive on which you doesn’t need the system protect then click ok then computer will ask you: are you sure you want to remove system protection click on ok.

STEPs of disabling the system in Window 7:

The first two steps till selecting the system protection from control panel is same. Then after it select the configuration option from the system protection window. Now simple check the radio button against which; is written turn of system protection. And click ok. After clicking the ok the system protections of all the drive will be turned off.

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