Disable Tabbed Browsing In Windows Vista and Windows 7

As we all know tabbed browsing is the browsing that represents an easier and convenient way to quickly switch between websites and WebPages within one organized window efficiently and effectively. Modern browsers are in favor of this tabbed browsing as it let them to view multiple websites at one time, in other words multiple pages can be open. It is enormously helpful in a wide range of situations like it eliminates the need to use the “back” button.

Comparison shopping has also become much easier using tabbed browsing. Researchers support this tabbed browsing. Also efficient and affective comparison between the competing products, getting customer and expert reviews, and to keep all the available information just a click away is done through tabbed browsing.

Although it has advantages but many users are not satisfied with it. It drops the internet connection, also when each web page open in its own window it muddle up the taskbar with lots of buttons which creates a lot of disturbance for the users. We also cannot arrange the contents of two tabs side-by-side.

One easy way to disable tabbed browsing in windows vista and windows 7 is that we have to click the tool button and choose Internet Options. By clicking the settings button in the tabs section you just have to uncheck tabbed browsing. This is the easiest way and we can use it without having any trouble. The more technical method includes that the users have to go in their system administrative, in it there are some registry edit hacks which contains enable and disenable items, you just have to uncheck and double click them so they cannot get activated without the registry hack. Hence, for most of the users tabbed browsing is of no use because direct access from the task bar gives a convenient way while switching between a large number of web sites and users can easily disable tabbed browsing in windows vista and windows 7 by the above methods by adopting an easy way or the technical one!

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