Disable the Hybrid mode in Windows Vista

Windows Vista has introduced new feature of hybrid sleep. It saves the OS in the RAM and also saves it in the Hard disk as the old feature “Hibernate used to do”. But it is more reliable then any of the previous ones. But it is slow and also consumes power. Which is a big problem for users of laptop and notebook computers?

The hybrid feature uses almost all the battery as the RAM is turned on for all thetime
Here is a technique by using that you can easily disable the Hybrid sleep forcefully and can get rid of the problems you are facing.

1.    Access Control panel from the Start menu.
2.    When the new window opens than choose the required option of System and Maintenance. Now run the Power Options.
3.    In the drop down menu of “Select a power plan” and “Preferred plans”, go to the option of Change plan settings of the plan that you have selected previously.
4.    Also do not forget to change the Advance settings on this page.
5.    When you have opened the Advance Options then there will be two options in front of you, with many more options. In Power Option you will see the Hybrid sleep with multiple options. Select the option of “Allow the option of Hybrid Sleep”.
6.    For the systems that use batteries or some alternate power supply like laptop or notebook computers. You will see options that will solve the problem. The two options “On Battery” and “Plugged in” For notebook and laptop computer. Select the option of “Off”.
7.    Here you are done just click “OK”.
8.    If the respective button is not grayed out then click on Save Changes to apply the settings.

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