Disable user account control for administration only, in windows Vista and windows 7

There are many types of versions in the windows vista and the windows 7which are different on the bases of the features and procedure which follow the changes and the features. The ultimate and the business versions are same in disabling the UAC for the administration only.

The disabling of the UAS is not good idea on any operating system as the window will not help the user after the data lost if this is disabled so that many user not disabled that but sometime on commercial purposes data is not the demand to save so that this will be disabled on that for speed up the data retrieval.

Steps of disabling the UAC for administration only in window vista:

To change the configurations in the windows vista user have to go to the startup menu and then write the command “secpol.msc” which opens up the window by the name of “local security policy”. Here users have to search the folder of the settings for the UAC administration which is saved in most of the machine by the name of “User Account Control: behavior of the elevation prompt for the administration” a new window will be open by that name, go to the “local security setting” option which will be appearing on the almost top of that interface. Select the options “elevate without prompting” and then click on the ok button after the small processing the machine will automatically update the setting.

The changing or disabling procedures of the User Account Control in the other windows are different. In some versions on the vista some extra file may need to be downloaded from the internet for the changing purpose.

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