Disabled thumbnail preview in windows vista or window 7

The thumbnail preview gives the large and clear view of the file on which it is enabled. This preview is update in the latest product of the Microsoft`s operating systems. It is one of the features of the window Vista and the window 7 which is added in the graphical user interface. The file view and the other types of view are also there for the users of different types and liking and disliking.
Step involve in disabling the thumbnail preview of the file:

There are three or four simple steps by which user can get escape from the thumbnail view of the file in the windows vista and the window 7. Steps are as follow.

Go to the “my computer” option from anywhere of the system. Then click on the blank space of that window of “my computer”. Then select the “folder and search option from the numbers of option viewed. Then “folders options” window select the view option and check the button against which is written; “always show icons; never thumbnail” and the click on ok button. After this procedure all files are viewed in the icon shape no one will be seen in the any other shape.

The other procedure is go to the files those user want to see in the icon shape and after selecting those file press right click from the mouse and then go to the preview option and select the icon. Immediately after the selection of the icon all file which are selected are changed into the icon view.

The only purpose for converting the file preview option from the thumbnail to the icon one is to speed up the processing speed of the machine

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