Dock Quick Launch or Address Toolbar to Desktop in Vista

Tool bars are the very old features in the windows launched by the Microsoft. But now due to the increase in technology various types of tool bar are now available for the versatile users. Icons are appearing on the screen but in the new interface system the icons are not too big like ever before. Tool bars minimize its size into the small one and they appear on the side, top or bottom of the screen and the other screen is empty so that those who install the picture on the background can see easily.

Step of installing the quick tool bar in window vista:

It Is very easily to install the quick toolbar in Vista just follow the following steps.

First make the folder by the name of “toolbar” and then drag it to the desktop screen of the computer and be very careful in dragging the folder that it should be there where user wants to create the toolbar. After drag user watch that it automatically converts into the quick toolbar. Now the toolbar has been created but without any icon.
Adding the Icon:

User can easily add the icon by right click on the created toolbar and then go to the toolbar option and when user takes the cursor on that option it gives you many more options than from those options select the “Quick tool bar”. User saw that it automatically add all the icon of the folder which first appears on the desktop screen. User can change the setting of the toolbar and can hide it to the view on the desktop screen. As after hiding the tool bar user takes it cursor to that place it automatically open the tool bar.

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