Download and Convert Real Media Audio Streams the Easy Way

There are many things which are valuable but they are the documents file. Might be any of the computer user have the audio file which is precious for him/her. Like some virtual universities which launch the lectures on to the net don’t want that anyone who is not their student might take advantage for having that lecture for free so that the format of the file gets converted and changed into the any other format.

Step of downloading and converting the file:

Some simple step confirms the user that the file will not be used by any other. First open the file or record the file which the user want to convert in some other format and then save it on the computer hard drive somewhere from user can extract it and then go to that place and select that file from the single click and then open the options by clicking the right button of the mouse and select the option “copy to the removable disk (Z:). Before doing this step makes sure that you had inserted the removable disk (USB) in your machine. Then the computer copy it on the (Z:) drive that is removable drive here you can see that file after that make some folder name anything like “Important file” in that make any other name “convertible file” and it that finally make the folder named “converted files” the change the file extension of the file and you will see that the format of the file has been changed without playing on real media player and without using the costly software.

This thing sometimes may pervert your precious file from copy to the non authenticated users.

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