Dual Boot Your Pre-Installed Windows 7 Computer with Vista

Users can install the two or more widows in their machine according to their needs. Like if any one buy the machine in which the vista is installed and user want to install the windows 7 he or she can. The only thing which have to be follow is to make the survey of the hard drive that the space is there to install the other windows is available or not.

Step of installing the windows 7 on the machine which have installed the windows vista:

Open up the disk management though the start up box and then change the drive name of the DVD rom drive name so that you can make partition in the main drive like (C:) for one window and the other name for the other window. The in the disk management window name the other name of the drive so that while booting the other window computer can access it. It will give you the option to change the drive name write the other name and click on ok. Now shirk the partition where you want to store that window. Select the drive and then right click by the mouse and select the “shirk volume” option from the options which appear after pressing the right click. Then gives the space in MBs by which you shirk that drive. Then click on the shirk button and then gives the new name to that drive. Then you will see that new drive will be made and the partition from which you select the drive will be shirked. Then give the name of the volume label in the option. Mostly user gives the Vista Volume so that they can easy identify that in this partition they have saves the vista.

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