Windows Vista Editions for Personal Computers

Windows Vista Starter:

This edition is just like the XP’s starter edition.  This edition is making huge sales in emerging markets which which are in countries like Mexico, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Thailand, China, Indonesia and the Philippines. As its very cheap it basically provides alternative OS systems to the users from the copied ones which are unlicesend and illegal. It is not available in already grown commercial markets like Europe,USA, Canada, Israel, Australia and New Zeland.This version has very significant limiltations in hardware and software aspects. A user for instance cant launch more then three applications in with a user interface at once. The biggest problem is the hardware limitaions like it supports RAM of 1GB not more then that. In AMD machines it only supports Athlon XP, Duron, Sempron and Geode processors. When using an Intel's machine it supports Celeron, Pentium III processors and certain models of Pentium 4 with hard disk limit of 250 GB.

Windows Vista Home Basic:

This edition do not have Windows Aero theme. Home Basic version does support without glass effect DWM compositioning, one CPU with multiple cores, 8GB RAM. It got more features when compared to XP home edition like Windows Firewall, parental controls, Safety Center, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Photo Gallery and is much more advanced. Supported till 2012.

Windows Vista Home Premium:

It is Home basic plus edition which has support for HDTV and DVD-authoring. Via Windows Side show can support  games, mobile and tablet PC and network projectors. Is is 64 bit edition which supports 10 simultaneous SMB peer-network connections. 16 GB of RAM is supported.

Windows Vista Business:

It targets the business market. It includes the improved features like standard Windows Vista theme, Internet Information Service (IIS). It got the fax support for buisness men. It has built-in Rights Management Services (RMS) application. It got the new Encryption per file system. It go the feature of system-image backup and recovery in off-line mode. Devices which got ad-hoc P2P can colaborate easily. It got the Windows ShadowCopy and several other buisness and commercial features. It supports two multiple core CPU’s and 128 Gb+ RAM. Microsoft plans to give support to Mainstreame till  2012 and Extended version till  2017.

Windows Vista Enterprise:

This edition is designed for enterprises, organistaions and companies. It is a plus plus edition of Vista Business edtion. New features include  Multilingual User Interface (MUI) packages and BitLocker Drive Encryption. It has the compatibility to run UNIX’s applications. This edition is only available from Microsoft Software Assurance (MSA) and is not available in the market or from OEM’s. This gives Enterprise editions many advantages that is only availlable in SA distributed versions like a license allowing the running of multiple virtual machines, access to Virtual PC Express and activation via VLK. Hardware and Microsoft support duration is just the same of Buisness edition.

Windows Vista Ultimate:

It has all the features of previous editions plus the Ultimate Extrsas and stronger encryption system for users data. Microsoft is only giving Mainstreame support for this version which is till 2012. Microsoft also makes an upgraded variant of Windows Vista Ultimate available: Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade Limited Numbered Signature Edition. This limited, numbered edition of Windows Vista Ultimate features Bill Gates signature on the front of the packaging along with its unique number; Microsoft plans to produce only 25,000 copies of this edition.

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