Enable Additional Clocks in Windows 7 or Vista

The world is a global village and if you are traveling around the world with your laptop, changing the time zone in the clock settings of your system unit is one of the things that you would definitely want to do so that it shows the correct time. In this way you will be able to keep track of your activities with respect to the local time.

Considering the advantages of being able to adjust the time zone of your system unit, wouldn’t it be better if the system clock had options to show more than one clock? It definitely would. Well thanks to the brilliant engineering of Microsoft on Windows Vista and higher versions we can now add up to two additional clocks on the desktop. This means that you can easily monitor different time zones by pointing your mouse to the right-hand bottom corner of your desktop. In order to add clocks of different times on your desktop you need to follow the following steps.

First of all you need to click on current time display icon which is present on the Windows toolbar at the right bottom and then click change date and time settings. From here you will need to go to the Additional Clocks tab. You can select one or two additional clocks by checking the boxes beside “Show this clock”. You can also select the required time zone from the drop down menu. Click the “ok” button and now you have a new clock with a different time zone. You will be asked the name and it is preferred if you name it by the country’s or city’s name you are putting the time zone of.

That is all you have to do. Now if you will take the mouse pointer to the bottom right of the desktop you will see the current time in the home clock and the other clock with the different time zone. You can also add another clock if you like. That’s how you enable multiple clocks in Windows Vista and Window 7.

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