Enable Hidden Boot Screen in Windows Vista

The boot screen is the screen you get in Windows when your computer is booting up and about to show the desktop. The original Vista Boot screen is very similar to the one of the earlier version of the Windows. Microsoft doesn’t changes everything when it makes a new operating system.

The boot screen in all Windows is very insipid and dull and Windows Vista is not an exception. You know how the caterpillar bar keeps on scrolling from left to right continuously and if you happen to have a slower computer it can be very irritating. Did you know that you can get rid of this boring screen in Vista and that you can keep other highly visual boot screens instead?

The reason Microsoft did not enable these cooler screens as default was that they thought it can cause possible hardware issues but this screen can run on the minimum video card requirement and it will rarely cause a problem. In order to set up the "Aurora" boot screen you will need to do the following:

First you will go to the start menu and will enter the words “msconfig” in the search bar. This will show you the msconfig on the top. Another way you can do it is to enter the word “msconfig” into the run dialog and then press run. This done you will see a screen appear and over there you will see multiple options and checkboxes. Find the Boot tab and then you will need to click on the checkbox which represents the “No GUI boot” option. Then you will need to press OK. You will be prompted to restart the Windows to save the changes but it is really you choice whether you want to restart now or later.

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