Enable Media Streaming in Windows Home Server to Windows Media Player

Microsoft launched the Windows home server which functions as a home server operating server. Windows Home server is a solution for homes with many connected personal computers. These connected computers will need to share files, maintain a backup and remote access. When we say share files it means that a remote computer is able to stream the videos, photos and music of another computer on the network.

This option of media streaming is very attractive and here is the guide on how to enable media streaming in windows home server to windows media player. First of all you will need to turn on media streaming on the Windows Home Server console by opening it and going into the settings. Once you click settings the settings screen will appear where you will select media sharing. After that in the right column under the Media Library Sharing you will turn on Library Sharing for the folders that you will be sharing.

For a Windows 7 machine you must enable Media Streaming and then you will see the server under the Other libraries. Now if you want other computer users on your server to stream a video available on your computer and the user is a Vista user you will need to open up Windows Media Player and then the library and then go into Media Sharing. Now you will need to click the box next to “Find media that others are sharing” and then click on OK.

Once done with this you will see the server showing beneath the Library. Now that we had only allowed video to be shared in the first place we will need to click on the category icon and then the video one. Now you will see all the videos that have been put on the server and are available for viewing.

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