Enable Military Time in Windows 7 or Vista

For businesses and individuals, windows vista or 7 consists of remarkable features that truly satisfy the needs of the users. In these windows, if the user wants to make some alterations then it becomes difficult and complicated them to find a way and plot a route.

Here the windows 7 or vista provides the facility to activate the military time in its windows. Most of the users will find it hard to enable this military time but the task is definitely going to get achieved. In order to activate this feature, users may not find the exact path because the settings are not in the noticeable position.  So, users have to do a little bit effort to activate this element.

To start this procedure, user has to click on the "Start" button and then chooses "Control Panel." In the Control Panel dialog box, the icon named "Regional and Language Options" ha to be selected. Afterwards, on the right side of the Regional and Language Options box, user pick up the option "Customize this format" in the bottom side of this particular box. User will notice that the box gets immediately unlock according to the exact option preferred by the user. Suppose, if the box does not gets open then opt "Formats" tab. After this, in the customization box, hit on "Time" tab. Then on the very right side of the box, open the "Time format". Finally, user then selects the particular time alternative Hh:mm:ss tt,” Picking up the option OK will instantly submit an application to the system and the desired settings gets completed.

Hence, user then closes the control panel and gets done with its procedure. User will find out that it’s not that difficult and hard and does not take a lot of time to enable this feature in their windows 7 or vista.

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