Enable More Fonts for the Windows Command Prompt

Most of the users want to enable more fonts for the windows command prompt. They need more variety and diversity in the fonts section. Although, it is fun to use and brings excitement for the users up to a certain level. Below is the method that gives solution to the users to enable this trait immediately and have pleasure and amusement while working on their systems.

To enable this feature, user has to change the default command prompt font. Firstly, right click on the title bar and select properties. From there the user is going to mark the option named by defaults. Now the fonts get selected by the user that are activated in the registry and are not enabled on their own. The choice is totally depend upon the user that which kind of fonts he wants to enabled for the windows command prompt. Change will be immediate and instant.

In order to enable supplementary fonts for the windows command prompt user has to follow a registry hacking process. In the start menu search box, he has to type regedit.exe and then has to browse down to the following key:


After browsing, user then adds the fonts by giving it a value of 00, 01 or any other value. One thing should be kept in mind that the user needs to reboot the system so he may notice that whether the action has taken place or not.

Hence, the technique is quite and rather exciting. Adding variety of fonts in the windows command prompt is definitely going to electrify and thrill the users. It is fun to use and very enjoyable. Some of the fonts do not work properly. But it will not reduce the spark of the users and they will continue going to activate more and more fonts in their systems.

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