Enable More Simultaneous Downloads in Internet Explorer

Have you ever notice that when you are downloading something on your computer from any website? When you are downloading at a tome two things from the same website and wants to download another thing from the same website, the downloading of the third thing is not possible when the previous two things must be downloaded completely. You can also boost up or enhance the capacity of downloading two or more than two thing from the same website at the same time with the help of the registry hack and by adjusting the settings of the registry tweak.

In order to enhance the downloading capacity at the same time from the same website, you just have to follow some of the simple steps which are describes below in this article. The restriction of downloading of only two things at a same time is because of the limitation of the web browser. Internet explorer 1.1 specification restricts the downloading of more than two things at a same time.

When you boost up the downloading capacity of the internet explorer, your browser will not work properly and also slowed down little bit. When you increase the connections it puts a lot of pressure on the webservers and your browser will start stopping the threads for your internet connection, this is the reason for the browser to be slows down. First you have to open the start menu and then type the regedit and then browse for the following key, HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInternet Setting. When you open the registry editor you will see on the right hand side of the editor, the 32-bit DWORD values. You will want to change these values in order to enhance the connection downloading capacity, but it will a little bit of problematic for the user.

Expect of the all worries you still can able to download and install this registry and get benefitted.

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